With our generations of experience as specialists in removables and partials, we craft every removable with attention to detail worthy of our lab’s legacy. Because we’re an Authorized Ivoclar Removables Lab, Denver Dental Arts uses only the finest materials and processes, guaranteeing every case is worthy of your patients.

Digital Dentures

Denver Dental Arts is proud to offer digital dentures to our clients. Our Economy and Premium Dentures are fabricated using two innovative processes, 3D printing and digital milling. These removable options reduce the number of appointments required, which saves you chairside time and money. You can confidently prescribe digital dentures for your edentulous patients due to their digital precision and digital record that allows for easy replacement. Digital dentures increase patient satisfaction by only requiring three appointments to go from impression to final.

Ivotion Digital Dentures

Ivotion Digital Dentures represent a revolutionary advancement in denture technology, leveraging digital design and manufacturing processes. These dentures are individually tailored to the patient’s unique oral anatomy through precise digital scanning and 3D printing techniques. Ivotion Digital Dentures offer a high level of accuracy, ensuring an optimal fit, comfort, and natural appearance. The digital approach streamlines the traditional denture creation process, allowing for efficient customization and faster delivery, ultimately providing patients with a modern and sophisticated solution to traditional denture challenges.

Lucitone Digital Print Partials and Dentures

Lucitone Digital Print Partials and Dentures exemplify the convergence of digital technology and prosthodontics, offering a modern solution for removable dental appliances. Utilizing cutting-edge digital design and 3D printing, these dentures and partials are precisely crafted to match the unique contours of a patient’s oral anatomy. Lucitone’s digital approach allows for enhanced customization, improved fit, and accelerated production, resulting in prosthetics that are not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing. This innovative digital workflow signifies a significant leap forward in the efficiency and accuracy of partials and dentures, catering to both the functional and cosmetic needs of dental patients.

Clear Semi-Flexible Frame Partial

Partial removable dentures CAD/CAM fabricated out of Zirlux® Acetal Resin are semi-flexible and offer lifelike coloration, as well as clear, tooth color, and pink are available. Zirlux® Acetal is a highly crystalline acetal copolymer, which provides numerous benefits to both your practice and your patients. These prostheses are easily relined & repaired, allow for the easy addition of teeth, and provide longevity, durability, and esthetics. They offer low moisture absorption, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

Standard Dentures

We hand pour our standard dentures and pair the denture base with Yamahachi acrylic resin teeth. An excellent value, our standard dentures are odor and stain resistant for a long lifespan, and rigorously tested on an articulator to ensure natural function and fit.

Premium Dentures

Our premium dentures feature an impact-resistant Ivocap denture base, which cures under pressure to minimize shrinkage during polymerization. Built with BlueLine teeth that give the complete denture wearer a beautifully natural and esthetic appearance.

Master-Class Dentures

Master-class dentures offer an injection-molded Ivocap® base for the most precise fit available, and your choice of Phonares® or Vita teeth for unsurpassed esthetics and durability. For added realism, we use the GC America Gradia® system for gingival staining. As with all our dentures, we pride ourselves on creating restorations that don’t just look realistic, but function as well.

Implant-Retained Dentures

The perfect solution for edentulous cases, implant-retained dentures combine the esthetics of our hand-crafted dentures with the stability of a traditional bar-and-overdenture setup. Fully retrievable for maintenance, implant-retained dentures also reduce bone resorption common with fully edentulous patients treated with traditional dentures.

Full Cast Metal Partials

Patients don’t need to settle for bulky, heavy metal partials with our full cast metal partials. Increased material strength doesn’t just provide extra durability. It allows for slimmer, more comfortable designs that improve function and esthetics. Our full cast metal partial’s consistent strength also allows for simple chairside adjustments.

Flexible Partials

Our flexible partials offer superior comfort, adapting perfectly to patients’ hard and soft tissues alike. Resistant to stains and odors, our flexible partial’s natural flexibility also provides shock absorption to limit breakage.

Nightguards (Also available in semi-flexible)

Our thermoplastic nightguards form easily to patients’ mouths after soaking in warm water, providing a comfortable fit. Available in hard or hard-soft in a variety of colors – even glow in the dark options – our nightguards are a comfortable way to protect bruxers’ restorations and natural dentition.

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3D Printed Flippers

3D Printed Flippers are a modern and technologically advanced solution in the realm of temporary dental prosthetics. These dental appliances, often used as interim replacements for missing teeth, are crafted through precise 3D printing techniques. The digital nature of the process allows for unparalleled customization and accuracy, ensuring a snug fit and improved aesthetics. 3D Printed Flippers provide a swift and efficient means of restoring smiles temporarily while serving as a testament to the innovative applications of 3D printing in the field of dentistry.