Send a Digital Case

Send a Digital Case


Option 1

  1. Email Denver Dental Arts at  [email protected] and we will connect with your scanner.

Option 2

  1. Select Carestream Connect on your scanner and search for Denver Dental Arts or [email protected]
  2. Select Denver Dental Arts when submitting raw .STL files.


  • Call Itero customer support at (800) 577-8767 and select option 1
  • Request that Denver Dental Arts is added to your “Preferred Lab” list and identify our lab using our phone number (516) 868-8641 or our lab ID #xxxxx
  • After our lab has been added, restart your scanner
  • Once you are connected to our lab, select “Denver Dental Arts” on your scanner when sending files


  • Create an account on Meditand follow the prompts for activating an account
  • Select “Administrator” under the clinic tab
  • After creating your account, you will receive a verification email with download instructions
  • Once the download is complete, click “Add New Partner” and search for “Denver Dental Arts” to begin sending cases to our lab

Planmeca PlanScan

  • To export models in STL format, click the case in the patient’s list of case files and click “3D Model Export”.
  • Navigate to the desired destination folder, save your digital impression files as “.stl” files, and use our convenient drag and drop file uploader to submit your case digitally

Sirona CEREC

  • Log into your account on Sirona Connect
  • On left margin under My Partner, select “my favorite contractor”
  • Search for us by typing “Denver Dental Arts” or our lab’s zip code (80235)
  • Check the box to the bottom left for “Denver Dental Arts” and click “Add” to complete the registration
  • Once you are connected to our lab, select “Denver Dental Arts” on your scanner when sending files


  • Using 3Shape Communicate, select Denver Dental Arts and a request will be sent directly to our laboratory. Once accepted, we will be able to receive all of your Trios scans.
  • Sending Your Scan: Submit your scans through 3Shape Communicate and Denver Dental Arts will receive the file via email.