With our generations of experience as specialists in removables and partials, we craft every removable with attention to detail worthy of our lab’s legacy. Because we're an Authorized Ivoclar Removables Lab, Denver Dental Arts uses only the finest materials and processes, guaranteeing every case is worthy of your patients.

Full Dentures

Economy Dentures

We pack our economy denture bases with heat-cure resin, and finish them with your choice of Yamahachi or Kenson® acrylic resin teeth. An excellent value, our economy removables are odor and stain resistant for a long lifespan, and rigorously tested on an articulator to ensure natural function after fitting.

Premium Dentures

Our premium dentures feature a injection-molded Ivocap® bases which cure under pressure to minimize shrinkage during polymerization. Built with BlueLine® teeth to provide for five occlusion options and expanded shading to best match natural dentition, our premium dentures combine natural esthetics with comfort and functionality.

Master-Class Dentures

Master-class dentures offer an injection-molded Ivocap® base for the most precise fit available, and your choice of Phonares® or Vita teeth for unsurpassed esthetics and durability. For added realism, we use the GC America Gradia® system for gingival staining. As with all our dentures, we pride ourselves on creating restorations that don’t just look realistic, but function as well.

Implant-Retained Dentures

The perfect solution for edentulous cases, implant-retained dentures combine the esthetics of our hand-crafted dentures with the stability of a traditional bar-and-overdenture setup. Fully retrievable for maintenance, implant-retained dentures also reduce bone resorption common with fully edentulous patients treated with traditional dentures.

Vitallium Frames

Vitallium® Metal Partials

Patients don’t need to settle for bulky, heavy metal partials with our Vitallium® 2000 partials. Increased material strength doesn’t just provide extra durability. It allows for slimmer, more comfortable designs that improve function and esthetics. Vitallium’s consistent strength also allows for simple chairside adjustments.

Valplast partials

Valplast® Partials

For more than 50 years, Valplast® bases have been the gold standard in flexible partial bases. Harnessing the natural flexibility of nylon-based resin, Valplast offers superior comfort, adapting perfectly to patients’ hard and soft tissues alike. Resistant to stains and odors, Valplast’s natural flexibility also provides shock absorption to limit breakage.



Our thermoplastic nightguards form easily to patients’ mouths after soaking in warm water, providing a comfortable fit. Available in hard or hard-soft in a variety of colors – even glow in the dark options – our nightguards are a comfortable way to protect bruxers’ restorations and natural dentition.



You don’t have to sacrifice chairside workability when you prescribe a flexible removable. Acry-Tone™ gives you both, with a resin that’s as easy to grade and polish as conventional acrylic. Strong enough to provide a long service life, yet easily repaired chairside with self- or cold-cure materials, it’s the most convenient flexible on the market.

Rezen NF™

Rezen NF™

Rezen NF™ provides a color-stable and durable solution when a patient needs a thin, flexible restoration. Offering superior grinding and polishability, without compromising esthetics, it’s developed for a long service life. Rezen NF is extremely resistant to heat and UV exposure as well as stains and odors, allowing it to retain its original appearance even after significant use.